February 3rd All Events

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February 3rd, 2008 (February 03 2008)DeathDouglas Fraser, Scottish pilot (born in 1916)
February 3rd, 2007 (February 03 2007)EventA Baghdad market bombing kills at least 135 people and injures a further 339.
February 3rd, 2007 (February 03 2007)DeathPedro Knight, Cuban-American musician, husband of legendary singer Celia Cruz (born in 1921)
February 3rd, 2007 (February 03 2007)DeathRalph de Toledano, Moroccan-born American political columnist and author (born in 1916)
February 3rd, 2007 (February 03 2007)DeathGeorge Becker, American president of United Steelworkers (1993-2001) (born in 1928)
February 3rd, 2006 (February 03 2006)DeathAl Lewis, American actor (born in 1923)
February 3rd, 2005 (February 03 2005)DeathCorrado Cardinal Bafile, Italian Catholic cardinal (born in 1903)
February 3rd, 2005 (February 03 2005)DeathErnst Mayr, German-born biologist (born in 1904)
February 3rd, 2005 (February 03 2005)DeathZurab Zhvania, Prime Minister of Georgia (born in 1963)
February 3rd, 2004 (February 03 2004)DeathJason Raize, American musical theatre actor (born in 1975)
February 3rd, 2003 (February 03 2003)DeathLana Clarkson, American actress (born in 1962)
February 3rd, 2000 (February 03 2000)DeathRichard Kleindienst, American politician (born in 1923)
February 3rd, 1999 (February 03 1999)EventIn Jammu and Kashmir the political party Democratic Janata Dal (Jammu and Kashmir) is revived.
February 3rd, 1998 (February 03 1998)EventKarla Faye Tucker is executed in Texas becoming the first woman executed in the United States since 1984.
February 3rd, 1998 (February 03 1998)EventCavalese cable-car disaster: a United States Military pilot causes the death of 20 people when his low-flying plane cuts the cable of a cable-car near Trento, Italy.
February 3rd, 1998 (February 03 1998)DeathKarla Faye Tucker, American murderer (born in 1959)
February 3rd, 1996 (February 03 1996)DeathAudrey Meadows, American actress (born in 1926)
February 3rd, 1993 (February 03 1993)DeathPaul Emery, British racing driver (born in 1916)
February 3rd, 1991 (February 03 1991)EventThe Italian Communist Party dissolves and splits into the Democratic Party of the Left and the Communist Refoundation Party.
February 3rd, 1991 (February 03 1991)DeathHarry Ackerman, American TV executive producer (born in 1912)
February 3rd, 1991 (February 03 1991)DeathNancy Kulp, American actress (born in 1921)
February 3rd, 1990 (February 03 1990)BirthSean Kingston, American reggae rapper
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)EventAfter a stroke, P.W. Botha resigns party leadership and the presidency of South Africa.
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)EventA military coup overthrows Alfredo Stroessner, dictator of Paraguay since 1954.
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)BirthSlobodan Rajkovic, Serbian footballer
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)BirthRyne Sanborn, American actor
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)DeathJohn Cassavetes, American actor (born in 1929)
February 3rd, 1989 (February 03 1989)DeathLionel Newman, American movie music orchestra leader, composer and arranger (born in 1916)
February 3rd, 1988 (February 03 1988)EventIran-Contra Affair: The United States House of Representatives rejects President Ronald Reagan s request for $36.25 million to aid Nicaraguan Contras.Ronald Reagan Quotes
February 3rd, 1985 (February 03 1985)DeathFrank Oppenheimer, American physicist (born in 1912)
February 3rd, 1984 (February 03 1984)EventSpace Shuttle program: STS-41-B MissionAstronauts, Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart make first untethered spacewalks using the Manned Maneuvering Unit.
February 3rd, 1983 (February 03 1983)BirthRichard Bartel, National Football League quarterback
February 3rd, 1983 (February 03 1983)BirthSilambarasan Rajendar,famous south Indian actor
February 3rd, 1982 (February 03 1982)BirthAlan Gurr, Australian V8 Supercar driver
February 3rd, 1982 (February 03 1982)BirthJessica Harp, American singer (The Wreckers)
February 3rd, 1981 (February 03 1981)BirthAlisa Reyes, American actress and singer
February 3rd, 1981 (February 03 1981)BirthMaurice Ross, Scottish footballer
February 3rd, 1980 (February 03 1980)BirthSarah Lewitinn, American writer
February 3rd, 1978 (February 03 1978)BirthAdrian R Mante, American actor
February 3rd, 1978 (February 03 1978)BirthEliza Schneider, American actress and singer
February 3rd, 1977 (February 03 1977)BirthDaddy Yankee , reggaeton singer/rapper.
February 3rd, 1976 (February 03 1976)BirthMathieu Dandenault, Canadian hockey player
February 3rd, 1976 (February 03 1976)BirthIsla Fisher, Australian actress
February 3rd, 1976 (February 03 1976)BirthDwayne Rudd, American football player
February 3rd, 1975 (February 03 1975)DeathUmm Kulthum, Egyptian singer (born in 1904)
February 3rd, 1974 (February 03 1974)BirthKonrad Galka, Polish swimmer
February 3rd, 1974 (February 03 1974)BirthMiriam Yeung, Hong Kong actress
February 3rd, 1973 (February 03 1973)BirthIlana Sod, Mexican journalist
February 3rd, 1972 (February 03 1972)BirthMart Poom, Estonian football player
February 3rd, 1971 (February 03 1971)EventNew York Police Office Frank Serpico is shot during a drug bust in Brooklyn and survives to later testify against police corruption.. Many believed the incident proved NYPD officers tried to kill him.
February 3rd, 1971 (February 03 1971)BirthSean Dawkins, American former football player
February 3rd, 1971 (February 03 1971)BirthElisa Donovan, American actress
February 3rd, 1971 (February 03 1971)BirthSarah Kane, English playwright (died in 1999)
February 3rd, 1971 (February 03 1971)BirthHong Seok-cheon, South Korean actor
February 3rd, 1970 (February 03 1970)BirthOscar Cordoba, Colombian footballer
February 3rd, 1970 (February 03 1970)BirthWarwick Davis, British actor
February 3rd, 1969 (February 03 1969)EventIn Cairo, Yasser Arafat is appointed Palestine Liberation Organization leader at the Palestinian National Congress.Yasser Arafat Quotes
February 3rd, 1969 (February 03 1969)BirthRetief Goosen, professional golfer
February 3rd, 1969 (February 03 1969)DeathEduardo Mondlane Mozambique independence founder (born in 1920)
February 3rd, 1968 (February 03 1968)BirthVlade Divac, National Basketball Association player
February 3rd, 1967 (February 03 1967)EventRonald Ryan, the last person to be executed in Australia, is hanged in Pentridge Prison, Melbourne.
February 3rd, 1967 (February 03 1967)BirthDave Benson-Phillips, Children s TV Presenter
February 3rd, 1967 (February 03 1967)BirthBob Taylor, English footballer
February 3rd, 1967 (February 03 1967)DeathJoe Meek, English record producer (born in 1929)
February 3rd, 1966 (February 03 1966)EventThe unmanned Soviet Luna 9 spacecraft makes the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the Moon.
February 3rd, 1966 (February 03 1966)BirthFrank Coraci, American film director
February 3rd, 1965 (February 03 1965)BirthKarlous Marx Shinohamba, Namibian politicianKarl Marx Quotes
February 3rd, 1965 (February 03 1965)BirthMaura Tierney, American actress
February 3rd, 1964 (February 03 1964)DeathSir Albert Richardson, English architect (born in 1880)
February 3rd, 1962 (February 03 1962)BirthMichele Greene, American actress
February 3rd, 1961 (February 03 1961)BirthJay Adams, American skateboarder
February 3rd, 1961 (February 03 1961)BirthKeith Gordon, American actor
February 3rd, 1960 (February 03 1960)BirthKerry Von Erich, American wrestler (died in 1993)
February 3rd, 1960 (February 03 1960)DeathFred Buscaglione, Italian singer and actor (born in 1921)
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)EventA plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, also known as The Day the Music Died.
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)BirthThomas Calabro, American actor
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)BirthYasuharu Konishi, Japanese musician (Pizzicato Five)
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)BirthLol Tolhurst, British musician (The Cure)
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)DeathBuddy Holly, American singer (born in 1936)
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)DeathRitchie Valens, American singer (born in 1941)
February 3rd, 1959 (February 03 1959)DeathJ.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, American singer (born in 1930)
February 3rd, 1958 (February 03 1958)EventFounding of the Benelux Economic Union, creating a testing ground for a later European Economic Community.
February 3rd, 1958 (February 03 1958)BirthN. Gregory Mankiw, American economist
February 3rd, 1957 (February 03 1957)EventSenegalese political party Democratic Rally merges into the Senegalese Party of Socialist Action (PSAS).
February 3rd, 1957 (February 03 1957)BirthChico Serra, Brazilian racing driver
February 3rd, 1957 (February 03 1957)BirthSteven Stapleton, British musician (Nurse With Wound)
February 3rd, 1956 (February 03 1956)BirthJohn Jefferson, American football player
February 3rd, 1956 (February 03 1956)BirthNathan Lane, American actorNathan Lane Quotes
February 3rd, 1956 (February 03 1956)BirthLee Ranaldo, American musician (Sonic Youth)
February 3rd, 1956 (February 03 1956)DeathEmile Borel, French mathematician (born in 1871)
February 3rd, 1956 (February 03 1956)DeathJohnny Claes, Belgian racing driver (born in 1916)
February 3rd, 1955 (February 03 1955)BirthStephen Euin Cobb, American novelist
February 3rd, 1955 (February 03 1955)BirthKirsty Wark, British broadcast journalist
February 3rd, 1954 (February 03 1954)BirthTiger Williams, Canadian ice hockey player
February 3rd, 1953 (February 03 1953)BirthSavvas Tsitouridis, Greek politician
February 3rd, 1952 (February 03 1952)BirthFred Lynn, American baseball player
February 3rd, 1951 (February 03 1951)BirthEugenijus Riabovas, Lithuanian football manager
February 3rd, 1950 (February 03 1950)BirthMorgan Fairchild, American actress
February 3rd, 1949 (February 03 1949)BirthArthur Kane, American musician
February 3rd, 1949 (February 03 1949)BirthHennie Kuiper, Dutch cyclist
February 3rd, 1948 (February 03 1948)BirthCarlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, East Timor politician, Nobel Peace laureate
February 3rd, 1948 (February 03 1948)BirthHenning Mankell, Swedish author
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)EventThe lowest temperature in North America is recorded in Snag, Yukon.
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)BirthPaul Auster, American novelist
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)BirthDave Davies, British musician (The Kinks)
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)BirthStephen McHattie, Canadian actor
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)BirthMelanie Safka, American singer-songwriter
February 3rd, 1947 (February 03 1947)DeathMarc Mitscher, American Navy Admiral (born in 1887)
February 3rd, 1945 (February 03 1945)EventWorld War II: The Soviet Union agrees to enter the Pacific Theatre conflict against Japan.
February 3rd, 1945 (February 03 1945)EventWorld War II: As part of Operation Thunderclap, 1,000 B-17 s of the Eighth Air Force bomb Berlin.
February 3rd, 1945 (February 03 1945)BirthJohnny Cymbal, American singer and songwriter (died in 1993)
February 3rd, 1945 (February 03 1945)BirthBob Griese, American football player
February 3rd, 1945 (February 03 1945)DeathRoland Freisler, Nazi leader (born in 1893)
February 3rd, 1944 (February 03 1944)EventWorld War II: United States troops capture the Marshall Islands.
February 3rd, 1944 (February 03 1944)BirthTrisha Noble, Australian singer and actress
February 3rd, 1943 (February 03 1943)BirthBlythe Danner, American actress
February 3rd, 1943 (February 03 1943)BirthDennis Edwards, American singer (The Temptations)
February 3rd, 1943 (February 03 1943)BirthShawn Phillips, American singer, guitarist and songwriter
February 3rd, 1941 (February 03 1941)EventWorld War II: Nazi Germany forcibly restores Pierre Laval to office in occupied Vichy, France.
February 3rd, 1941 (February 03 1941)BirthNeil Bogart, American record executive (died in 1982)Neil Bogart Quotes
February 3rd, 1940 (February 03 1940)BirthFran Tarkenton, American football player
February 3rd, 1939 (February 03 1939)BirthMichael Cimino, American film director
February 3rd, 1938 (February 03 1938)BirthVictor Buono, American actor (died in 1982)
February 3rd, 1938 (February 03 1938)BirthEmile Griffith, US Virgin Islands professional boxer
February 3rd, 1937 (February 03 1937)DeathMarija Leiko, Latvian film actress (born in 1887)
February 3rd, 1936 (February 03 1936)DeathSophie of Schonburg-Waldenburg, consort of William of Wied, Prince of Albania (b.1885)
February 3rd, 1935 (February 03 1935)DeathHugo Junkers, German engineer (born in 1859)
February 3rd, 1933 (February 03 1933)BirthPaul Sarbanes, American politician
February 3rd, 1932 (February 03 1932)BirthPeggy Ann Garner, American actress (died in 1984)
February 3rd, 1931 (February 03 1931)EventThe Hawke s Bay earthquake, New Zealand s worst natural disaster, kills 258.
February 3rd, 1930 (February 03 1930)EventThe Communist Party of Vietnam is established.
February 3rd, 1930 (February 03 1930)BirthGillian Ayres, English painter
February 3rd, 1929 (February 03 1929)BirthKen Shipp, American football coach
February 3rd, 1929 (February 03 1929)DeathAgner Krarup Erlang, Danish scientist (born in 1878)
February 3rd, 1927 (February 03 1927)BirthKenneth Anger, American Underground Filmmaker
February 3rd, 1927 (February 03 1927)BirthVal Doonican, Irish singer and entertainer
February 3rd, 1927 (February 03 1927)BirthJoan Lowery Nixon, American writer (died in 2003)
February 3rd, 1927 (February 03 1927)BirthBlas Ople, Filipino politician (died in 2003)
February 3rd, 1926 (February 03 1926)BirthShelley Berman, American comedian
February 3rd, 1926 (February 03 1926)BirthHans-Jochen Vogel, German politician
February 3rd, 1925 (February 03 1925)BirthKeith Dunstan, Australian author and journalist
February 3rd, 1925 (February 03 1925)BirthJohn Fiedler, American voice actor (died in 2005)
February 3rd, 1925 (February 03 1925)BirthLeon Schlumpf, member of the Swiss Federal Council
February 3rd, 1924 (February 03 1924)BirthE. P. Thompson, English socialist historian, (The Making of the English Working Class), (d.1993)
February 3rd, 1924 (February 03 1924)BirthMartial Asselin, French Canadian politician and lieutenant governor of Quebec Martial Quotes
February 3rd, 1924 (February 03 1924)DeathWoodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, Nobel laureate (born in 1856)
February 3rd, 1923 (February 03 1923)EventThe Alpha Zeta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia founded at Pennsylvania State University.
February 3rd, 1923 (February 03 1923)BirthAlys Robi, Quebec singer
February 3rd, 1922 (February 03 1922)DeathJohn Butler Yeats, Northern Irish artist (born in 1839)
February 3rd, 1920 (February 03 1920)BirthHenry Heimlich, American physician
February 3rd, 1920 (February 03 1920)BirthTony Gaze, Australian racing driver
February 3rd, 1918 (February 03 1918)EventThe Twin Peaks Tunnel begins service as the longest streetcar tunnel in the world at 11,920 feet (3,633 meters) long.
February 3rd, 1918 (February 03 1918)BirthJoey Bishop, American entertainer, member of the Rat Pack (died in 2007)
February 3rd, 1918 (February 03 1918)BirthHelen Stephens, American runner (died in 1994)
February 3rd, 1917 (February 03 1917)EventWorld War I: The United States breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany a day after the former announced a new policy of unrestricted submarine warfare.
February 3rd, 1916 (February 03 1916)EventParliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada burn down.
February 3rd, 1913 (February 03 1913)EventThe Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, authorizing the Federal government to impose and collect an income tax.
February 3rd, 1913 (February 03 1913)BirthRichard Seaman, British racing driver (died in 1939)
February 3rd, 1912 (February 03 1912)BirthJacques Soustelle, French anthropologist (died in 1990)
February 3rd, 1911 (February 03 1911)BirthJehan Alain, French organist and composer (died in 1940)
February 3rd, 1911 (February 03 1911)BirthRobert Earl Jones, American actor (died in 2006)
February 3rd, 1909 (February 03 1909)BirthAndre Cayatte, French filmmaker (died in 1989)
February 3rd, 1909 (February 03 1909)BirthSimone Weil, French philosopher (died in 1943)Simone Weil Quotes
February 3rd, 1908 (February 03 1908)EventFoundation of Panathinaikos in Athens, Greece.
February 3rd, 1907 (February 03 1907)BirthJames Michener, American author (died in 1997)James Michener Quotes
February 3rd, 1905 (February 03 1905)BirthArne Beurling, American mathematician(died in 1986)
February 3rd, 1904 (February 03 1904)BirthLuigi Dallapiccola, Italian composer (died in 1975)
February 3rd, 1904 (February 03 1904)BirthPretty Boy Floyd, American gangster (died in 1934)
February 3rd, 1900 (February 03 1900)EventGubernatorial candidate William Goebel is assassinated in Frankfort, Kentucky.
February 3rd, 1899 (February 03 1899)BirthJoao Cafe Filho, Brazilian president (m.1970)
February 3rd, 1899 (February 03 1899)BirthLao She, Chinese writer (died in 1966)
February 3rd, 1899 (February 03 1899)BirthDoris Speed, English actress (d.1994)
February 3rd, 1898 (February 03 1898)BirthAlvar Aalto, Finnish architect (died in 1976)
February 3rd, 1894 (February 03 1894)BirthNorman Rockwell, American illustrator (died in 1978)
February 3rd, 1893 (February 03 1893)BirthGaston Julia, French mathematician (died in 1978)
February 3rd, 1889 (February 03 1889)BirthCarl Theodor Dreyer, Danish film director, (died in 1968)
February 3rd, 1889 (February 03 1889)DeathBelle Starr, American outlaw (born in 1848)
February 3rd, 1887 (February 03 1887)BirthJuan Negrin, Spanish Prime Minister (died in 1956)
February 3rd, 1887 (February 03 1887)BirthGeorg Trakl, Austrian poet (died in 1914)
February 3rd, 1876 (February 03 1876)BirthWilliam Tedmarsh, silent movie actor (died in 1937)
February 3rd, 1874 (February 03 1874)BirthGertrude Stein, American writer (died in 1946)Gertrude Stein Quotes
February 3rd, 1874 (February 03 1874)DeathLunalilo, Hawaiian monarch (born in 1835)
February 3rd, 1872 (February 03 1872)BirthLou Criger, American baseball player (died in 1934)
February 3rd, 1870 (February 03 1870)EventThe Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, granting voting rights to citizens regardless of race.
February 3rd, 1867 (February 03 1867)EventEmperor Meiji becomes the 122nd emperor of Japan.
February 3rd, 1866 (February 03 1866)DeathFrancois-Xavier Garneau, French Canadian poet and historian (born in 1809)
February 3rd, 1862 (February 03 1862)BirthJames Clark McReynolds, American Supreme Court Justice (died in 1946)
February 3rd, 1862 (February 03 1862)DeathJean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist (born in 1774)
February 3rd, 1859 (February 03 1859)BirthHugo Junkers, German aircraft designer (died in 1935)
February 3rd, 1843 (February 03 1843)BirthWilliam Cornelius Van Horne, American-born railway pioneer and executive (died in 1915)
February 3rd, 1842 (February 03 1842)BirthSidney Lanier, American writer (died in 1881)Sidney Lanier Quotes
February 3rd, 1834 (February 03 1834)EventWake Forest University is established.
February 3rd, 1832 (February 03 1832)DeathGeorge Crabbe, English naturalist (born in 1754)George Crabbe Quotes
February 3rd, 1830 (February 03 1830)EventThe sovereignty of Greece was confirmed in a London Protocol.
February 3rd, 1830 (February 03 1830)BirthRobert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1903)
February 3rd, 1826 (February 03 1826)BirthWalter Bagehot, British essayist, journalist and businessman, (d.1877)Walter Bagehot Quotes
February 3rd, 1824 (February 03 1824)BirthRanald MacDonald, Canadian-born Scottish educator and interpreter (died in 1894)
February 3rd, 1821 (February 03 1821)BirthElizabeth Blackwell, American physician (died in 1910)
February 3rd, 1817 (February 03 1817)BirthAchille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse, French geologist (died in 1881)
February 3rd, 1811 (February 03 1811)BirthHorace Greeley, American journalist, editor, and publisher (died in 1872)Horace Greeley Quotes
February 3rd, 1809 (February 03 1809)EventThe Illinois Territory is created.
February 3rd, 1809 (February 03 1809)BirthFelix Mendelssohn, German composer (died in 1847)
February 3rd, 1808 (February 03 1808)BirthPrincess Marie of Saxe-Weimar, Princess of Prussia (died in 1877)
February 3rd, 1807 (February 03 1807)EventA British military force, under Brig-Gen. Sir Samuel Auchmuty captures the city of Montevideo, then part of the Spanish Empire now capital of Uruguay.
February 3rd, 1807 (February 03 1807)BirthJoseph E. Johnston, Confederate general (died in 1891)
February 3rd, 1802 (February 03 1802)DeathPedro Rodriguez, Conde de Campomanes, Spanish statesman (born in 1723)
February 3rd, 1795 (February 03 1795)BirthAntonio Jose de Sucre, South American independence leader (died in 1830)
February 3rd, 1787 (February 03 1787)EventShays Rebellion is crushed.
February 3rd, 1783 (February 03 1783)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Spain recognizes United States independence.
February 3rd, 1747 (February 03 1747)BirthSamuel Osgood, American patriot (died in 1813)
February 3rd, 1737 (February 03 1737)DeathTommaso Ceva, Italian Mathematician (born in 1648)
February 3rd, 1721 (February 03 1721)BirthFriedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz, Prussian general (died in 1773)
February 3rd, 1706 (February 03 1706)EventDuring the Battle of Fraustadt Swedish forces defeat a superior Saxon-Polish-Russian force by deploying a double envelopment.
February 3rd, 1690 (February 03 1690)EventThe colony of Massachusetts issues the first paper money in America.
February 3rd, 1690 (February 03 1690)BirthRichard Rawlinson, English minister (died in 1755)
February 3rd, 1677 (February 03 1677)BirthJan Santini Aichel, Czech architect (died in 1723)
February 3rd, 1619 (February 03 1619)DeathHenry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham, English conspirator (born in 1564)
February 3rd, 1566 (February 03 1566)DeathGeorge Cassander, Flemish theologian (born in 1513)
February 3rd, 1509 (February 03 1509)EventThe Battle of Diu, between Portugal and the Ottoman Empire takes place in Diu, India.
February 3rd, 1488 (February 03 1488)EventBartolomeu Dias of Portugal lands in Mossel Bay after rounding the Cape of Good Hope, becoming the first known European to travel so far south.
February 3rd, 1468 (February 03 1468)DeathJohannes Gutenberg, German publisher
February 3rd, 1451 (February 03 1451)EventSultan Mehmed II inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire.
February 3rd, 1451 (February 03 1451)DeathMurad II, Ottoman Sultan (born in 1404)
February 3rd, 1428 (February 03 1428)DeathAshikaga Yoshimochi, Japanese shogun (born in 1386)
February 3rd, 1399 (February 03 1399)DeathJohn of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (born in 1340)
February 3rd, 1377 (February 03 1377)Eventmore than 2,000 people of the Italian city of Cesena are slaughtered by Papal Troops (Cesena Bloodbath).
February 3rd, 1338 (February 03 1338)BirthJeanne de Bourbon, wife of Charles V of France (died in 1378)
February 3rd, 1116 (February 03 1116)DeathKing Coloman of Hungary (born in 1070)
February 3rd, 1112 (February 03 1112)EventRamon Berenguer III of Barcelona and Douce I of Provence marry, uniting the fortunes of those two states.
February 3rd, 1014 (February 03 1014)DeathKing Sweyn I of Denmark
February 3rd, 0699 (February 03 0699)DeathSaint Werburgh
February 3rd, 0619 (February 03 0619)DeathLaurence of Canterbury, 2nd Archbishop of Canterbury

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